12 Common Mistakes Schools Make With Their Websites—and How To Avoid Them

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These days, having a great school website is almost as important as having a great program. 

If your website doesn’t engage visitors and accurately portray your school’s unique identity and strengths, the families you’re most eager to enroll or attract will likely move on—probably without having ever set foot on your campus.

But help is on the way. Avoid just a few common school website mistakes, and you’ll be well ahead of the game.

In this free eBook, you’ll learn: 

  • Why “DIY” is almost always a bad idea when it comes to building a school website
  • The very common mistake that many older school websites share—and why it can hurt both your image and your search rankings
  • Which technology looks fine (most of the time) on laptops and desktops but doesn’t work at all on mobile devices
  • How the power of storytelling can make your school website stand out from all others in your area
  • Why testimonials are worth their weight in gold to prospective parents—and how to obtain and present them effectively
  • How often you should be updating your school website
  • Two audiences you need to consider as you create your school website—they have very different needs, but you can’t afford to overlook either
  • The final thing you must do before your site goes live to the world
  • And more!

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