Disposable masks

Hold a "Mask Up" Shopping Event That Gives Back!

Why overpay for masks? Give families 40%-50% off masks while raising money for your PTA at with a "Mask Up" Shopping Event for students, teachers, and parents.

A few reasons why a mask up flash shopping event can work for you...

There's a big need.

The vaccine is here, but we will all be wearing masks at least through the end of the school year. Disposable masks are easy and can be readily accessed if you have 1 box at home, and a box for each car. (3 total)

Families get discounts.

You can offer 50 disposable 3-ply masks for $15 (Thats 40%-50% off retail price). Your PTA gets money donated back on every box sold. Parents may even want to buy them for the classroom or to donate to other organizations.

If just 100 parents purchase a three-pack (1 for home and 1 for each car) your PTA raises almost $1,000!

It's useful and practical.

This is how parents STAY SAFE while MAKING A DIFFERENCE for our cash-strapped PTAs! If a family buys a box for home and one for each car, they’ll personally earn your school $15! Imagine the potential across all your families.

How Much Could You Raise?

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